No Wash Oil-Free Hair in 30 Seconds!

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No Wash Oil-Free Hair in 30 Seconds!

Ever catch a glimpse of yourself racing out the door and realise just a bit too late you really should have washed your hair this morning?

It’s an easy mistake to make, thinking at some point during the early morning breakfast/dressing/yelling/teeth brushing/yelling/hair braiding/school/daycare prepping that it could wait until tonight, or even tomorrow!

Don’t worry, you can leave your hat and scarf behind with our tips for oil free in hair in 30 seconds!

Dry Shampoo

All hail glorious dry shampoo in a can! If they had made this when I was a teenager I may never have properly washed my hair.

Dry shampoo absorbs the oil that makes your hair look greasy without drying your scalp out, like washing your hair with water every day can do.

No Wash Oil-Free Hair in 30 Seconds!Apply from a spray can about 15cm from your head to ensure even coverage, let it dry then brush and style as normal. Some products such as the Lee Stafford Poker Straight Mini Dry Shampoo 50.0 ml $5.99 from Priceline even provide a bit of extra volume too.

Baby Powder

Another quick fix is to sprinkle a bit of baby powder onto your brush and then brush through your hair, the powder will absorb the oil and leave you with a nice baby powder scent too.

Make Your Own

You probably already have the ingredients you need to make your own dry shampoo in the cupboard.

Mix equal parts of baking soda (which will help minimise odours), cornflour and talcum powder or baby powder.

If you’re missing an ingredient, substitute it. For example, if you don’t have baby powder, double the baking soda. If you don’t have baking soda, double the cornflour.

Make sure the ingredients are well mixed. To make scented dry shampoo, mix it with dried flowers or herbs like roses, lavender, mint) in a jar, close the lid, and set it in a dark cupboard for 2-4 weeks. The scent will mix with the dry shampoo and when you use it, your hair will smell good.

Pour the mixture into an old, washed spice shaker for easy application.

Tips for using dry shampoo

  • Don’t use dry shampoo more than a few times in a row before washing your hair with regular shampoo and water. Skin flakes and the like will still be building up.
  • Use dry shampoo on dry hair. It works on grease, not water.
  • If you want your hair to smell fresh and clean, like it does after washing it in the shower, try smoothing a few drops of essential oil into the middle and tips (not the roots – it’ll look oily again!) of your hair. Lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil or rose oil works best.


Krissy Hacker is a wife and SAHM of 2, mad gardener, crafty lady, confectioner and fabulous cook. She loves reviving old school ways of doing things and would do anything to get out of housework!

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